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    Branded Apparel

    Branded Apparel

    • We strive to meet the interests of all who participate in Outdoor pursuits.

      We produce customized products for a variety of organizations including guide services, search and rescue organizations, non-profits, and countless others.

    All of our custom apparel is made in our factory in Salem, Oregon. Manufacturing in the U.S. enables us to provide ethically produced apparel, we greatly cut down on transportation costs and emissions, and our nimble operation can work with just about any order size and provide a quick turnaround.

    • We look forward to talking with you about what we can offer!


    browse our Branded Apparel Collection.

    Black Spider Hoody

    Our most popular jacket for a reason.

    Polartec® Power Grid® makes this hoody functional in a wide range of conditions.

    Seekseek Jacket

    The newest addition to our line. The Seekseek boasts a recycled ripstop outer and recycled Polartec ® Power Fill ™ (60 gsm).

    Volo Pant

    A super lightweight multi-sport pant with excellent stretch and breathability. A DWR coating gives it three season versatility.


    Please contact us at info@nwalpine.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have