NW Alpine Ambassador Natalie Afonina Climbing in Yosemite
NW Alpine Ambassador Natalie Afonina Profile Picture

Natalie afonina

Minivan - N. Cascades,



I grew up in Seattle and Russia. Started climbing in college when I lived in New England, and never stopped!


In the shorter term, working on my mixed/dry-tooling technique as well as getting more aid and big walling experience under my belt. Planning and executing on a couple expeditions this year. Working with citizen science projects such as the Community Snow Observations to get more people engaged in scientific work!

Generally, for a living I split my time between developing autonomous systems for robotics applications and as an athlete.

favorite places

Wherever the ice is good! Cody is always a favorite for ice, as is New England. The North Cascades have a little bit of everything and I love having them as my backyard.

goals for 2021

Climb, climb, climb as well as committing to a training plan specific to my goals. I have a couple upcoming trips planned, so COVID-willing I’ll get to climb ice in Russia and in Bolivia!