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    Made in the USA, Climashield® is manufactured at a modernized facility in Clinton, TN.

    Climashield's proprietary technology uses thousands of continuous strands of polyester in a natural interlocking solution. As the only major manufacturer of lightweight continuous filament insulation in the world, Climashield® produces a broad range of products that are more durable, thermally efficient, and resilient than competitive thermal insulation.


    Features + Benefits:

    | This insulation does not pull apart when stretched; it doesn’t clump, shift or separate with repeated use or washings

    | Highly compressible, yet maintains its original shape after use or prolonged storage

    | Unparalleled thermal efficiency, offering greater warmth at lighter weights



    Climashield’s ECO line of continuous filament insulation pushes the boundaries of technology, sustainability, and comfort. Entirely manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, this collection of products boasts an exceptionally low carbon footprint and accomplishes feats in thermal efficiency at the same time. Available in high loft and ultra thin variants, the ECO line integrates durability, breathability, and softness to meet the needs of demanding product applications and conscious consumers who won’t settle for anything but the best.