Fourteen Years of the Black Spider Hoody

Fourteen Years of the Black Spider Hoody

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Last week we put up an Instagram post about the Black Spider Hoody and the "problem" with making durable product. If your product doesn't wear out your customers don't need another one for 10+ years! There were some great photos and responses from folks who have been wearing theirs for over a decade. Here are a few:

Jay Wansley (featured image)- "Mine is at least 12 years old because this shot was from 2013 and it wasn't new then. It's still going strong!"

Luke Will- "Bill sent me this one in Jan 2011 and it's been a staple layer ever since. Frozen stream skiing in northern MN, backcountry skiing around Mt Hood and the Siskiyous, bikepacking across OR, WA, AZ, TX, IL, and MN, and basecamp comfort for countless SUP, sea kayak, and canoe trips. Keep up the good longevity work!"

Iain Morris- "I have had this guy since the mid pleistocene epoch. Still cranking even though I am not so much"

My nine year old BSH has been with me on so many climbing trips and SAR missions. Tried and true, and still cleans up nicely :) I love the color (“nightshade”) so much, that I even named my car after it.

Eric Larimer- "Does this count?"

Yes it does, this was probably one of the first 25 ever made.

Jon Rhoderick- "I have one similar to the picture you have, except a metal zipper. Same fabric, I guess I HAD it, wife stole it about 8 years ago and claims it’s too small for me every time I ask!"

Daniel Anthony- "It has metal zipper. I may need a new one to fit now. I’m not as athletic as when I bought this."

Peter Keane- "I’ve got mine with the TMG Logo on it!"

@raytengyaosong- "Got mine from prolitegear 10 years ago. Still wearing it last weekend. Love the previous logo!"

Colin Bohannan- "My decade+ one still smells like fear sweat thanks to Bill!"

Matt Cline- "Maybe 10-12 years old on this bad boy?"

Scott Robertson- "Ok mine’s not that old, but it’s freaking old. Definitely a decade and change…Technically not wearable (needs a few stitches to close up tears), but I still have it because I can’t part with it. Miss that bold red."

Nick Birdseye- "Had mine for about a decade, taken it on countless trips, best one being Denali. It’s still going strong!"

Richard Bumstead- "I have mine from 2013!"

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