The Promises we Make

The Promises we Make

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As we’ve been wrapping up the monumental task of closing down our factory, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the mistakes that we made, what we did right and what lessons we can bring to our work at NW Alpine. One of the most important things I think we can do right now as a brand is to define our values so that our customers know what guides us. There’s a whole lot of selective truth telling that goes on in the outdoor industry, and we want to be as transparent as possible.

We’ve been spending time building a framework for growth that’s going to allow NW Alpine to thrive in a way that is responsible to our customers, employees, environment and country. We have three promises we’re making to our customers that are in many ways interconnected.  

  1. We will always be made in the USA
  2. We will always provide a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
  3. Durability above all else

Over the next few weeks I want to delve further into each of these promises and explain what they mean to us, why we think they’re important, and how we intend to keep them.


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