Why Local?

August 28, 2010

While the last 30 years have brought us astounding technological advances and globalization has completely changed the way we do business, these forces have not always been positive. By decimating our country's manufacturing base we have shipped our wealth off to other countries in exchange for various goods and in the process done serious damage to our economy. Not to mention the problems this has wrought in the developing nations to which some manufacturers relocate, especially in terms of human rights and environmental issues. By purchasing goods manufactured in the United States you are supporting the economy of our country and our community. You can go down to the manufacturing house and meet the owner. You can watch your pants being put together and know that workers in a far off country aren't being exploited. You can rest easy (not to mention save money) knowing that using less energy for shipping is better for the environment.

So why produce locally? It makes sense.

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