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    Black Spider Hoody

    Trusted for over a decade

    If you buy one garment from NW Alpine make it the Black Spider Hoody. Since 2010, outdoor adventurers have worn this versatile multi-sport layer on thousands of adventures from Alaska to Pakistan to Antarctica and most places in between. Worn next-to-skin or with a light tee, the Black Spider Hoody will be the workhorse of your layering system. Our Polartec® Power Grid® fleece is the gold standard when it comes to moisture management.    

    Made in the USA

    Our dedication to American manufacturing is unwavering. NW Alpine was founded with the goal of making technical apparel in the United States and we've been relentlessly pursuing that goal for fourteen years. The state of textile manufacturing in the United States post-pandemic is grim. When you buy products that are made domestically you are directly helping keep an important manufacturing sector alive and keeping people in our local communities employed.

    "Beautifully simple."

    - Outside Magazine