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Jason Hardrath

van life, Southern ORegon


Humble roots as some small kid from some small town in Eastern Oregon. Born and raised in Baker City. Struggled to work through elementary school as a kid with ADHD, as such physical movement became a part of my life from a very early age. From skater punk, to middle school PE mile standout, to high school track, to collegiate XC and track, then marathons, to Ironman Triathlon, to being ejected from a vehicle in a car accident in 2015 only to find mountain pursuits my key therapy and rehabilitation…a key component of my story has always been the pursuit of the next big challenge to grow for and through. Now? It has been written that I have set and broken more Fastest Known Time records than any other human on Earth, and most of them have been in the mountains and on rock... still the kid who can’t just sit still. (More here, Listen here or here)


My niche within the fast and light niche of FKTs are the efforts that combine running with easy-moderate rock (such as Tuolumne Triple Crown or Cosmic Wall), high routes that involve glacier travel (Rainier Infinity Loop), and canyon/desert routes (Ding-Dang Canyons, Grand Canyon R2R2R.alt). I also engage in mixed skill multi-sport (such as Yosemite Picnic Triathlon). In short, I mix the mindsets/skillsets of ultra-endurance, mountaineering, rock climbing and canyoneering to push myself on the best challenges nature has to offer.

favorite places

Eastern Sierra, Southern Utah, Pacific Northwest.

goals for 2021

Washington Bulgers (100 highest peaks list) Fastest Known Time. Complete my Journey to 100 FKTs. Create more inspiring content and speak to more businesses/teams with the inspiration, mindset, and skills I have forged in these wild spaces.