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    So, you want to keep up to date on all the NW Alpine happenings right? Then you should probably "like" us on Facebook for all the latest news. We've got a couple new products in the development stages that we're very excited about. Look for some preview pictures soon!

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    Anatomy of the Black Spider Light

    At NW Alpine we're trying to be as transparent as possible about where our products come from. As you can imagine, it's not always easy but we're dedicated to sourcing as much locally and domestically as we possibly can. The new Black Spider Light hoody is no exception.

    1. Fleece comes from a mill in Massachusetts

    2. Zippers come from a factory in Los Angeles

    3. Pocket fabric is the only thing imported

    All of our care and logo labels are made in the USA, and as with all of our apparel, they are cut and sewn right here in Oregon. Brendan is a Colorado native currently residing in Boulder.

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    Black Spider Light Update

    It looks as though we should have the first run of Black Spider Light hoodys done in the next couple of weeks. They should definitely be available to ship so you can receive them by Christmas. If you're interested in receiving an e-mail when they're available, add your e-mail address to our mailing list below. Hope everyone had a fantastic turkey day!

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    Limited Edition Everything

    As you've probably guessed, NW Alpine is a small company. Therefore we don't necessarily have the access to capital that large companies do. Which means that we can't always get the fabrics that we want when we want them. Which in turn means that all of our products are essentially limited edition. You'll notice the striking gray Black Spider Hoody. We're nearly sold out of them and that means when they're sold out, they're sold out. Will we produce them again? Most likely, but the next run may be in lemon pearl, or avocado, or whatever color was big in Japan last year. Our desire is to bring you totally rad stuff that's made in the USA and designed for the things you love to do. We take great pride in our products and think that you'll enjoy wearing them for years to come. They'll make you climb harder, make you more beautiful, help you shred more of the gnar, and they'll even make you a better lover. So get into some NW Alpine gear today, it may well change your life.

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