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    2023 NW Alpine Spring Product Preview

    2023 Spring Preview

    We've been busy this winter! Our factory has been cleared out of past contract sew customers trims, machines have been sold and we've been transitioning a number of our products to other US based factories.

    Spring 2023 is a kickoff of what we see as big step forward for us. This initial release includes some of the last product sewn in our Oregon factory along with product from new factories. In addition to the products below, we've recently restocked our sun hoodies. Look for Black Spider Hoodies to release in April.

    Bagby Shorts

    We’ve revised our quick-drying softshell short this season. We’ve added an elastic drawstring to both the M’s & W’s short along with increasing the back pocket zipper from 4 inches to 6 inches. The inseams remain the same. Men’s has a 7’ inseam and the Women’s is 4.5”.

    New Colors & Prints

    Men’s – Gravel, a neutral gray great for wearing outdoors or for town errands. Magenta – bright and bold for your summer adventures.

    Gravel Men's Bagby ShortMagenta Men's Bagby Short

    Women’s – Starburst – A repeating print with a blue background and bursts of light turquoise emanating from the center of geometric petals. 

    Starburst print Women's Bagby Short


    M’s & W’s – The climber print – Meet our homage to climbing. This repeating print features 13 different climbing poses and is offered in a navy in with gray climbers in M’s and dark khaki green with magenta climbers in W’s.

    Climber Print Women's Bagby ShortClimber Print Men's Bagby Short

    Closeup of Climber print for Bagby shorts


    Where it’s made – Manufactured in a factory in the Mid-Atlantic, our USA made short also uses a US milled 4-way stretch softshell fabric.

    Weight – M’s – 7.5 oz, W’s – 6.1 oz

    Price & Availability - $59, Now, shipping late next week. Climbing print available late next week.


    Long Sleeve Sun Shirts

    Hate hoods or have a go to sun hat to keep your head protected?

    Pick up one of our 40+ UPF long sleeve sun shirts to keep you protected while outside. Made with the same fabric as our Sun Hoody, this lightweight shirt is a great option. Offered in Sage, Ocean, and Sun.

    Want to learn more about UPF ratings and what they mean? Check out our tech page to learn more about it.

    Long Sleeve Sun Shirt - Sage available in Men's and Women's

    Where it’s made – Manufactured in Salem, Oregon. Our USA made shirt uses a US milled, UPF treated fabric milled on the west coast. 

    Weight – M’s – 6.4 oz, W’s – 5.7 oz

    Colors - Ocean, Sage, & Sun

    Price & Availability - $59, Limited availability on website, available in select retailers


    Men’s Levitas Lined Shorts

    We’ve added a lined running short for long trail runs.

    The outer fabric uses the same poly/spandex blend as our Approach Short and Volo pant. We use a mesh fabric for the boxer brief liner that is soft and doesn’t bunch up when running.

    Features include a drawstring and 7” zippered back pocket. The inseam is 4.25”

    Men's Levitas Short in Black

    Where it’s made – Manufactured in Salem, Oregon. Our USA made short uses a US milled polyester/spandex blend fabric.  

    Weight – 5.7 oz

    Colors - Black

    Price & Availability - $69, Available now


    W’s Wonderland Short

    Released late last summer, our featured running short for women is now available in all sizes in both colors.

    This lined short is built to withstand all the abuse you can throw at it in your alpine pursuits and it features a DWR coating to help keep the elements at bay. The high elastic waistband utilizes a soft fabric for comfortability and includes an elastic drawcord for adjustment. A zippered back pocket provides ample room to stow essentials. With a 2.5" inseam, these shorts ride high and stay out of your way. Slits on the sides make high steps going up hills and even climbing movement easier.

    Women's Wonderland Short - Bluebird

    Where it’s made – Manufactured in Salem, Oregon. 

    Colors - Gravel/Black, Bluebird

    Weight – 4.8 oz

    Price & Availability - $69, Available now


    Brent Peters reviews the Black Spider Hoody and Simplicity Jacket

    Brent Peters of Yamnuska Mountain Adventures is the author (along with Kendra Stritch) of the soon to be published Ice Lines: Select Waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies.   Brent estimates he has climbed in the Black Spider Hoody and Simplicity Jacket for over 100 days. Here's his review!


    Brent Peters on Aussi Beau

    Brent Peters on Aussi Beau

    Functional clothing; that's exactly what's needed when ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies. While working on Ice Lines, a new select guide to waterfall ice in Canada I needed to complete an ascent of Aussi Beau, a Guy Lacelle original. We spent the night in Jasper and drove out to Robson in the morning. It was March and the avalanche path had already slid providing a better approach. Its a stiff hike up to the base with plenty of elevation gain. The Black Spider Hoody was just the right weight over a merino wool T, with maximum breathability. On the route, I added the Simplicity Jacket for added wind protection and warmth. Both garments stay well stuck under my harness. It was Kyle's first day on a true pillar. He was shocked as the ice released a winter's tension. Shooting cracks raced away from my picks as I swung into the initial apron. Patience and deliberate movement were the name of the game that day. A hanging belay below steep bobbles of ice that marked the final crux made the exposure even more real. The massive S Face of Mt Robson glistened in the sun behind us as we dealt with our cold reality.

    The Black Spider Hoody and Simplicity Jacket combination has also been the go to for my summer of alpine guiding. At times I add a softshell over top of the Simplicity Jacket. I like how it reflects my body heat back in towards the core. It has eliminated the requirement for heavier base layers.

     Brent higher on Aussi Beau

     Brent higher on Aussi Beau

    Brent and partner hiking up Boundary Glacier in the Black Spider Hoody, heading up to The Shield to gain access to A2, one of the satellite peaks of Mt Athabasca

    Brent and partner hiking up Boundary Glacier in the Black Spider Hoody, heading up to The Shield to gain access to A2, one of the satellite peaks of Mt Athabasca

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    Inside Outdoor Magazine

    Prototype Eyebright Jacket undergoing testing.

    Prototype Eyebright Jacket undergoing testing.

    The upper left hand photo shows a prototype jacket we made for Cubic Tech with one of their new experimental fabrics.

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