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Observations of a Middle Aged Climbing Has-Been

Photo: Tim Banfield By Erik Wellborn As someone who has climbed for almost 30 years I find the evolution o...

November: The Birth

Early season ice posing potential issues somewhere in Wyoming. by Dustin FricChasing down frozen waterfall...

What's happening at NW Alpine?

 by Bill AmosUpdates have been a little scarce here at NW Alpine so I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk a little bit about what's been ...

Chris Kalman Goes Ice Climbing

Everything was still, and quiet save for the clinking of ice screws against one another, the grind of crampons and tools scraping on rocks, and...

Funeral for Another Friend

By Nick FrazeeThis fall Bud Martin, Marko Pujic and I decided to check out a classic early season alpine mixed climb, Funeral for Another Frien...

Belay Jacket Review

"Testers chose it again and again because of its warmth, toughness and minimal packed size." -December/January Issue Climbing Magazine

Tyler Adams 1986-2014

by Bill Amos(The following is adapted from the remembrance I gave at the celebration of Tyler's life 11/7/14)I've spent a lot of time over the ...

Don't Forget to Breathe


The Montana Centennial Route

by Nick FrazeeLast week my friend Alex Wakeman and I had the opportunity to climb a classic route here in Montana, just a short drive and a lon...